Sun Cluster Data Service for Solaris Containers Guide

Restrictions for a Multiple-Masters Zone

The zone path of a zone in a multiple-masters configuration must reside on the local disks of each node. The zone must be configured with the same name on each node that can master the zone.

Each zone that is configured to run within a multiple-masters configuration must also have a zone-specific address. Load balancing for applications in these configurations is typically provided by an external load balancer. You must configure this load balancer for the address of each zone. Application clients can then reach the zone through the load balancer's address.

Ensure that the zone's autoboot property is set to false. Setting a zone's autoboot property to false prevents the zone from being booted when the global zone is booted. The Sun Cluster HA for Solaris Containers data service can manage a zone only if the zone is booted under the control of the data service.