Sun Cluster Data Services Planning and Administration Guide for Solaris OS

ProcedureHow to Add a Node to a Scalable Resource Group

  1. For each network resource that a scalable resource in the resource group uses, make the resource group where the network resource is located run on the new node.

    See Step 1 through Step 5 in the following procedure for details.

  2. Add the new node to the list of nodes that can master the scalable resource group (the nodelist resource group property).

    This step overwrites the previous value of nodelist, and therefore you must include all of the nodes that can master the resource group here.

    # clresourcegroup set [-n node-zone-list] resource-group
    -n node-zone-list

    Specifies a comma-separated, ordered list of nodes that can master this resource group. This resource group is switched offline on all of the other nodes. The format of each entry in the list is node:zone. In this format, node specifies the node name and zone specifies the name of a global-cluster non-voting node. To specify the global-cluster voting node or to specify a node without global-cluster non-voting nodes, specify only node.

    This list is optional. If you omit this list, the Nodelist property is set to all nodes in the cluster.


    Specifies the name of the resource group to which the node is being added.

  3. (Optional) Update the scalable resource's Load_balancing_weights property to assign a weight to the node that you are adding to the resource group.

    Otherwise, the weight defaults to 1. See the clresourcegroup(1CL) man page for more information.