Sun Cluster Quick Start Guide for Solaris OS

ProcedureHow to Create Disk Sets

  1. From phys-sun, create one disk set for each data service that you will configure.

    1. Make phys-sun the primary node for the Apache and NFS data services.

      phys-sun# metaset -s nfsset -a -h phys-sun phys-moon
      phys-sun# metaset -s apacheset -a -h phys-sun phys-moon
    2. Make phys-moon the primary node for the Oracle data service.

      phys-sun# metaset -s oraset -a -h phys-moon phys-sun
  2. Verify that the configuration of the disk sets is correct and visible to both nodes.

    phys-X# metaset
    Set name = nfsset, Set number = 1
    Set name = apacheset, Set number = 2
    Set name = oraset, Set number = 3