Sun Cluster Quick Start Guide for Solaris OS

ProcedureHow to Establish the Cluster

  1. From phys-moon, start the interactive scinstall utility.

    phys-moon# scinstall

    The scinstall Main Menu is displayed.

  2. Type the number that corresponds to the option for Create a new cluster or new cluster node and press the Return key.

    The New Cluster and Cluster Node Menu is displayed.

  3. Type the number that corresponds to the option for Create a new cluster and press the Return key.

    The Typical or Custom Mode menu is displayed.

  4. Type the number that corresponds to the option for Typical and press the Return key.

  5. Follow the menu prompts to supply the following information:

    Note –

    The adapter names that are used in the following table are arbitrarily selected for this example only.




    Cluster Name 

    What is the name of the cluster that you want to establish? 


    Cluster Nodes 

    List the names of the other nodes. 


    Cluster Transport Adapters and Cables 

    What are the names of the two cluster transport adapters that attach the node to the private interconnect? 

    ce0, ce9

    Quorum Configuration 

    Do you want to disable automatic quorum device selection? 



    Do you want to interrupt installation for sccheck errors?


    The scinstall utility configures the cluster and reboots both nodes. It also automatically creates a link-based multiple-adapter IPMP group for each set of public-network adapters in the cluster that use the same subnet. The cluster is established when both nodes have successfully booted into the cluster. Sun Cluster installation output is logged in a /var/cluster/logs/install/scinstall.log.N file.

  6. From phys-sun, verify that the nodes and the quorum device are successfully configured.

    If the cluster is successfully established, you will see output similar to the following.

    phys-sun# clquorum list