Sun Cluster Quick Start Guide for Solaris OS

Software Configuration

The procedures in the Sun Cluster Quick Start Guide for Solaris OS assume that you have the following versions of software to install.

Table 1–2 Software Specifications


Included Products 

Product Subcomponents 

Solaris 10 11/06 software for SPARC platforms 

Apache HTTP Server version 1.3 software, secure using mod_ssl


NFS version 3 software


Solaris Volume Manager software 


Solaris multipathing functionality 


Sun JavaTM Availability Suite software

Sun Cluster 3.2 core software 

Cluster Control Panel (cconsole)

Sun Cluster Manager 

Sun Cluster agent software 

Sun Cluster HA for Apache 

Sun Cluster HA for NFS 

Sun Cluster HA for Oracle 

Oracle 10gR2


The procedures in this manual configure the following data services: