Sun Cluster Quick Start Guide for Solaris OS

Task Map: Creating a Sun Cluster Quick Start Configuration

The following task map lists the tasks that you perform to create a Sun Cluster configuration for the hardware and software components that are specified in this manual. Complete the tasks in the order that they are presented in this table.

Table 1–5 Task Map: Creating a Sun Cluster Quick Start Configuration



1. Connect the administrative console, cluster nodes, and storage array. Configure the storage array. 

Installing the Hardware

2. Install the Solaris OS and Cluster Control Panel software on the administrative console. Install the Solaris OS and Sun Cluster software and patches on the cluster nodes. Configure the Solaris OS and IPMP groups. Create state database replicas. Mirror the root file system. Set up the Oracle system groups and user. 

Installing the Software

3. Establish the cluster and verify the configuration. 

Configuring the Cluster

4. Configure Solaris Volume Manager and create disk sets. 

Configuring Volume Management

5. Create the cluster file system and the highly available local file systems. 

Creating File Systems

6. Configure the Apache HTTP Server software. Install and configure Oracle software. 

Installing and Configuring Application Software

7. Use Sun Cluster Manager to configure Sun Cluster HA for Apache, Sun Cluster HA for NFS, and Sun Cluster HA for Oracle. 

Configuring the Data Services