Sun Cluster Data Service for WebLogic Server Guide for Solaris OS

ProcedureHow to Register and Configure Sun Cluster HA for BEA WebLogic Server as a Failover Data Service

Use this procedure to configure Sun Cluster HA for BEA WebLogic Server as a failover data service. The following steps assume that you are using the configuration that is described in Simple Configuration and have configured the BEA WebLogic Serves as mentioned in Installing and Configuring the BEA WebLogic Server Application. These steps assume that you have already created resource groups RG1 and RG2 and have also created logical-host-1 and logical-host-2 resources in these resource groups. Refer to How to Prepare the Nodes for procedures to create logical hostname resources. If you are planning a different configuration, you must configure the BEA WebLogic Server resources accordingly.

Note –

Before you start Sun Cluster HA for BEA WebLogic Server, if you are using a database, check that your database is accessible.

  1. Add the BEA WebLogic Server resource type.

    # clresourcetype register SUNW.wls
  2. Create a BEA WebLogic Administration Server resource in the RG1 resource group.

    # clresource create -g RG1 -t SUNW.wls \
    -p Confdir_list=/global/bea/beahome/weblogic700 \
    -p Server_url=http://logical-host-1:7001 \
    -p Start_script=/global/bea/beahome/user_projects/petstore/ admin-rs

    The resource is created in the enabled state.

    Note –

    This configuration does not enable smooth shutdown. The Sun Cluster HA for BEA WebLogic Server stop method forces the shutdown of the BEA WebLogic Administration Server (kills the process). Refer to Creating a Resource That Shuts Down Smoothly for the configuration to enable smooth shutdown. For more information, see STOP Method.

  3. Create a BEA WebLogic Managed Server resource in the RG2 resource group.

    # clresource create -g RG2 -t SUNW.wls \
    -p Confdir_list=/global/bea/beahome/weblogic700 \
    -p Server_url=http://logical-host-2:7004 \
    -p Start_script=/global/bea/beahome/user_projects/petstore/ managed-rs

    The resource is created in the enabled state.