Sun Cluster Data Service for WebLogic Server Guide for Solaris OS

Creating a Resource That Monitors URIs

To enable the Sun Cluster HA for BEA WebLogic Server resource to monitor URIs that are served by the BEA WebLogic Server configured in the resource, use the following commands to set the extension property Monitor_uri_list.

# clresource create -g bea-rg -t SUNW.wls \
-p Confdir_list=/global/bea/beahome/weblogic700 \
-p Server_url=http://logical_host1:7001 \
-p Start_script=/global/bea/beahome/user_projects/petstore/ \
-p Server_name=petstore1 \
-p Smooth_shutdown=TRUE \
-p DB_probe_script=/global/bea/script/db_probe_script \
-p Monitor_uri_list=http://logical_host1:7001/petstore,http://logical_host1:7001/bookstore bea-rs

The resource is created in the enabled state.