Sun Cluster Data Service for SWIFTAlliance Access Guide for Solaris OS

Sun Cluster components and their dependencies

Configure the Sun Cluster HA for SWIFTAlliance Access data service to protect a Sun Cluster instance and its respective components. These components, and their dependencies, are briefly described next.



DCE daemon 

-> SUNW.LogicalHost resource

SWIFTAlliance Access 

-> SUNW.LogicalHostresource

-> SUNW.HAStoragePlus resource

The SUNW.HAStoragePlus resource manages the SWIFTAlliance Access System Mount points and ensures that Sun Cluster is not started until these are mounted. 

-> DCE daemon (version 5.5 only)

The Sun Cluster component has two configuration and registration files in the /opt/SUNWscsaa/util directory. These files enable you to register the Sun Cluster component with Sun Cluster.

Within these files, the appropriate dependencies have already been defined. You must update the saa_config file before you run the saa_register script.