Sun Cluster System Administration Guide for Solaris OS

Administration Tools

You can perform administrative tasks on a Sun Cluster configuration by using a graphical user interface (GUI) or by using the command line. The following section provides an overview of the GUI and command-line tools.

Graphical User Interface

Sun Cluster software supports GUI tools that you can use to perform various administrative tasks on your cluster. These GUI tools are Sun Cluster Manager and, if you are using Sun Cluster software on a SPARC based system, Sun Management Center. See Chapter 13, Administering Sun Cluster With the Graphical User Interfaces for more information and for procedures about configuring Sun Cluster Manager and Sun Management Center. For specific information about how to use Sun Cluster Manager, see the online help for the GUI.

Command-Line Interface

You can perform most Sun Cluster administration tasks interactively through the clsetup(1CL) utility. Whenever possible, administration procedures in this guide use the clsetup utility.

You can administer the following Main Menu items through the clsetup utility.

Other commands that you use to administer a Sun Cluster configuration are provided in the following list. See the man pages for more detailed information.


Starts remote console access to the cluster.


Switches IP addresses from one adapter to another in an IP Network Multipathing group.


Manages Sun Cluster access policies for adding nodes.


Manages Sun Cluster devices.


Manages Sun Cluster device groups.


Manages the Sun Cluster interconnect.


Manages access to NAS devices for a Sun Cluster configuration.


Manages Sun Cluster nodes.


Manages Sun Cluster quorum.


Manages Sun Cluster resources for logical host names.


Manages resources for Sun Cluster data services.


Manages resources for Sun Cluster data services.


Manages resources for Sun Cluster data services.


Manages Sun Cluster resources for shared addresses.


Configures a Sun Cluster configuration interactively.


Administers Sun Cluster SNMP hosts.


Administers Sun Cluster SNMP MIB.


Administers Sun Cluster SNMP users.


Configures system resource monitoring.


Manages the global configuration and the global status of the Sun Cluster configuration.


Initializes Veritas Volume Manager (VxVM) on a Sun Cluster node and optionally performs root-disk encapsulation.


Creates and modifies a zone cluster.

In addition, you can use commands to administer the volume manager portion of a Sun Cluster configuration. These commands depend on the specific volume manager that your cluster uses, either Solstice DiskSuiteTM software, Veritas Volume Manager, or Solaris Volume Manager.

Note –

Sun Cluster software contains several undocumented commands that are intended only for use by the software itself or by Sun engineers for development, diagnostic, or support purposes. The use of undocumented commands by end users is not covered by Sun support agreements, unless these commands are documented for a defect workaround or are provided by Sun support personnel under their direction for a specific circumstance.