Sun Cluster System Administration Guide for Solaris OS

Dynamic Reconfiguration With Global Devices

You must consider the following issues when completing dynamic reconfiguration (DR) operations on disk and tape devices in a cluster.

Caution – Caution –

If the current primary node fails while you are performing the DR operation on a secondary node, cluster availability is impacted. The primary node will have no place to fail over until a new secondary node is provided.

To perform DR operations on global devices, complete the following steps in the order indicated.

Table 5–1 Task Map: Dynamic Reconfiguration With Disk and Tape Devices


For Instructions 

1. If a DR operation that affects an active device group must be performed on the current primary node, switch the primary and secondary nodes before performing the DR remove operation on the device 

How to Switch the Primary for a Device Group

2. Perform the DR removal operation on the device being removed 

Sun Enterprise 10000 DR Configuration Guide and the Sun Enterprise 10000 Dynamic Reconfiguration Reference Manual in the Solaris 9 on Sun Hardware, and Solaris 10 on Sun Hardware collections.