Sun Cluster Overview for Solaris OS

CPU Control

Each application and service running on a cluster has specific CPU needs. Table 2–2 lists the CPU control activities available on different versions of the Solaris Operating System.

Table 2–2 CPU Control

Solaris Version 



Solaris 9 Operating System 


Assign CPU shares 

Solaris 10 Operating System 


Assign CPU shares 

Solaris 10 Operating System 


Assign CPU shares 

Assign number of CPU 

Create dedicated processor sets 

Note –

The Fair Share Scheduler must be the default scheduler on the cluster if you want to apply CPU shares.

Controlling the CPU assigned to a resource group in a dedicated processor set in a non-global zone offers you the strictest level of control of CPU because if you reserve CPU for a resource group, this CPU is not available to other resource groups. For information about configuring CPU control, see Chapter 10, Configuring Control of CPU Usage, in Sun Cluster System Administration Guide for Solaris OS.