Sun Java System Connector for Microsoft Outlook 7 2005Q4 Deployment Planning Guide

Migration of Important Server Data: More Than Just Messages

Your old server contains valuable information about your users, and an efficient migration will extract and use this information to provision the user accounts on your new Sun Java System server. In addition to your users' old mail messages, your old server contains user calendars, tasks, and personal address books and contacts. The old server also contains user names, primary Internet addresses, Internet aliases, phone numbers, postal addresses, and even descriptive information such as users' departments, titles, and so forth, and also all of your enterprise's public distribution lists.

While a detailed account of server data migration is beyond the scope of this document, you should understand that your old server is a valuable data resource that can be mined to drive user provisioning on the Sun Java System, as well as changes in mail routing. Sun Professional Services can help you to understand and accommodate server data migration in your Deployment Plan, and other third-party companies offer both technology and consulting expertise to facilitate the migration of your server data.