Sun Java System Connector for Microsoft Outlook 7 2005Q4 Administration Guide

User Profiles Tab

The settings in this User Profiles panel, shown in Figure 2–3, apply only if this package will create or convert user profiles. Therefore, the features in this panel are available only if the Create/convert user profile option is checked on the Processes tabbed panel. This entire User Profiles panel will be grayed out if the Create/convert/upgrade user profile option is unmarked.

Figure 2–3 Deployment Configuration Program: User Profiles Tab

Desktop Deployment Configuration Program: User Profiles Tab

The settings in this panel determine how Exchange users’ Contacts, Journal and Notes data will be converted to local (desktop) Sun Java System Connector Personal Folders (.pst) files.

User profile settings

Mark options in this section to specify whether and how user profiles will be converted and created:

Converted/upgraded Profile Settings

Special Note for Version Upgrade: For any users running this package who are upgrading from Sun Java System Connector version 6 to version 7, the user program will ignore any server-parameter changes that may be entered on the Servers panel— except for the Address Book Server, since it is new in version 7. The program will, however, apply any server-parameter changes to any of the other types of converted profiles. If you want to change any server parameters for users who are upgrading, you should create a separate package for those users and set it to Create new user profiles ... (under User profile settings above).

Created Profile Settings

These options apply only to new profiles that the user program will create, and not to converted or upgraded profiles.

Option to save profile user password during configuration