Sun Java System Connector for Microsoft Outlook 7 2005Q4 User's Guide

If a Sun Synchronization Program Is Installed, and Must Be Removed

The MAPI services for the Sun Java System Connector for Microsoft Outlook are a required component of the Connector installation, but cannot coexist with the Sun Java System Synchronization program (previously known as the ONE Sync program). If one of these Sun synchronization programs is installed on your workstation, the Setup Wizard will notify you of the problem (in an error message after the Welcome screen), and prompt you to acknowledge the notice and exit the program. You may then rerun the Setup Wizard after you remove the synchronization program.

Note –

To synchronize your Palm device, WinCE device or Pocket PC device with Outlook, we strongly recommend that you use the sync software distributed with your device, rather than the Sun synchronization software. Changing to the sync software distributed with your device may require uninstalling and reinstalling the Palm Desktop software.

ProcedureTo Remove the Synchronization Program

  1. From your Start menu: Select the Uninstall... option for the program you want to uninstall.

    Select one of the following:

    • Programs->Sun Java System Synchronization->Uninstall Sun Java System Synchronization

    • Programs->Sun ONE Synchronization->Uninstall Sun ONE Synchronization.

  2. In the Uninstallation window, follow the prompts to uninstall the software.

  3. Click Finish to complete the uninstallation process.


If you want to continue using the Sun synchronization software to sync to the data of your other device: Reinstall the software, but do not select the checkbox for the Microsoft Outlook 98/2000 translator during the installation.