Sun Java System Connector for Microsoft Outlook 7 2005Q4 User's Guide

ProcedureTo Enter the Requested Information for Your New Account

  1. Enter your Full name: the name that appears in the From field of your outgoing mail messages. This is the “friendly” name displayed to the recipients of your messages.

  2. Enter your Email address: your Internet email address.

  3. Enter your User name: your account name.

  4. Enter your Password: the password for your Sun Java System accounts.

  5. If the Save user name and password checkbox appears in this screen: Check or uncheck the option to indicate whether you want to be able to start Outlook without being prompted for this login information every time.

  6. Click the Next button.

Next Steps

The Setup Wizard then checks to see if any of the Personal Folders (.pst) files scheduled for conversion are password-protected. Go on to Step 7: Entering Passwords for Protected Personal Folders.