Sun Java System Messaging Server 6 2005Q4 Administration Reference


The iminitquota utility reinitializes the quota limit from the LDAP directory and recalculates the total amount of disk space that is being used by the users. It updates the message store quota.db database under the mboxlist directory in the message store. The iminitquota utility should be run after the reconstruct -q utility is run.

Location: msg_svr_base/sbin/


iminitquota -a | -u userid


The options for this command are:




Initializes and updates the quota files for every message store user. 

-u userid

Reinitializes and updates the quota-related information for the specified user. The userid parameter specifies the message store id of a user, not the login id of the user.

You must specify either the -a or -u option with the iminitquota command.