Sun Java System Messaging Server 6 2005Q4 Administration Reference


The command generates a report containing the various protocol execution times. For example:

Smtp Statistics for: thestork:25
Connect Time: 2.122 ms
Greeting Time: 5.729 ms
Helo Time: 2.420 ms
Mail From: Time: 2.779 ms
Rcpt To: Time: 4.128 ms
Data Time: 1.268 ms 
Sending File Time: 94.156 ms
Quit Time: 0.886 ms
Total SMTP Time: 113.488 Milliseconds

If the alert recipients are specified and any of the threshold values are exceeded, the command mails the report containing the service name and the response time:

ALERT: <service> exceeds threshold Response time=secs/Threshold=secs

Note that in case of times reported for IMAP, the individual times might not add up to the exact value shown by the “Total IMAP time”. This occurs because the message does not get to the store immediately. The utility loops until the message is found. Typically, the search time indicates only the successful search time. However, the total time includes each of the individual sleep and search times.

With POP, the utility needs to login and logout multiple times before the message is actually found in the store. Thus, the total time here is the accumulated time for all the logins and log outs.

Examples: To monitor the LDAP, SMTP, IMAP and POP with the threshold of 10 seconds and 250 milliseconds on localhost use:

immonitor-access -L localhost:=60.25 -S \
localhost:=60.25 -I localhost:=60.25 -P localhost:=60.25 \
-u test_user -w passwd

This example assumes that test_user exists with password “passwd.”