Sun Java System Messaging Server 6 2005Q4 Administration Reference


The options for this command are:




Allows extended reporting. Per folder usage is included in the report. 

-d domain

Looks for users only in the specified domain. The -i option is implied, so it does not need to be specified.


Enforces domain quotas. If the domain is over quota and the maildomainstatus attribute is currently set to active, the value will be reset to overquota, which will prevent mail from being accepted by the message store. If the domain is not over quota and the maildomainstatus attribute is set to overquota, then the value will be changed to active, and mail will be accepted.

-r rulefile

Specifies the set of rules to be used when you want to calculate quota usage. If -r is not specified, a default rulefile can be used. To setup a default rulefile, copy the Sample Rulefile to msg_svr_base/config. See Rulefile Format.

-t message template

Notifies users when their mailbox quota is exceeded. The message template format is the following: 

  • %U% - user’s mailbox id

  • %Q% - percentage of the used mailbox quota

  • %R% - quota usage details: assigned quota, total mailbox size, and percentage used. If the -e is specified, mailbox usage of the individual folders are also reported.

  • %M% - current mailbox size

  • %C% - quota attribute value

If -t is not specified, a default message file will be mailed. To setup a default message file, copy the Notification File to msg_svr_base/config.


Sends notification messages based on the rules defined in the rulefile. If you do not define any rules when you use this option, you will receive an error.


Ignores the rulefile and any active rule defined in it. The quota status of all the users in the message store will be printed to stdout. This option can only be used when you want to report usage. If -i is not specified, the active rule with the least threshold is used to print a list of all of the users and their quota status to stdout.


Prints the username, quota, total mailbox size and percentage of mailbox used by all of the users. When you are using imquotacheck to report usage, it will default to this option if no other options are specified.

-u user

Obtains the quota status of the specified user id. Can be used with -e for extended reporting on the user. Cannot be used to specify multiple users.


Debug mode; displays the execution steps to stdout.