Sun Java System Messaging Server 6 2005Q4 Administration Reference


When user and domain mailboxes marked for deletion, the msuserpurge command purges those user and domain mailboxes from the message store. Specifically, this command scans the following domain and user status attributes in LDAP for a value of deleted: inetDomainStatus, mailDomainStatus, inetUserStatus, mailUserStatus. This command can be run at the command line, or can be scheduled for execution with the configutil parameter local.sched.userpurge.

Requirements: If run manually, it must be manually run locally on the messaging server. Make sure that the environment variable CONFIGROOT is set to msg_svr_base/config.

Location: msg_svr_base/lib


msuserpurge [-d domain_name] [-g grace_period]


The options for this command are:



-d domain_name

Specifies domain to check for deleted attribute, and, if set, purges the mailboxes in that domain. If -d is not specified, then all domains on this mail host are checked for the deleted attribute and all mailboxes in the deleted domains are purged. If the domain spans more than one mail host, then you need to run this command on each host. (This command uses the mailhost attribute to determine where to purge.)

-g grace_period

Specifies the number of days that a domain or user must be marked as deleted before this command is run. 


msuserpurge -d