Sun Java System Messaging Server 6 2005Q4 Administration Reference


The start-msg utility starts all of the messaging server processes (smtp, imap, pop, store, http, ens, sched), or optionally, one specified service. Some services started by start-msg can be controlled by enabling or disabling the configutil parameters: service.imap.enable, service.pop.enable, service.http.enable, local.smsgateway.enable, local.snmp.enable, local.imta.enable, local.mmp.enable, local.ens.enable, and local.sched.enable. The ha option starts the server in HA mode. The watcher monitors process restarts processes on failure. The HA agent monitors the watcher process. In HA mode, the watcher will terminate when it gives up on restarting processes to trigger a failover.

Location: msg_svr_base/sbin


start-msg [dispatcher] [job_controller] [smtp] [imap] [pop] [store]
 [http] [ens] [sched] [snmp] [sms] [mmp][ha]


The following command starts all the Messaging Server processes:


The following command starts the imap process:

start-msg imap