Sun Java System Messaging Server 6 2005Q4 Administration Reference


The options for this command are:




Updates the active queue cache by updating it to reflect all non-held message files currently present in the /msg_svr_base/imta/queue/ subdirectories. Note that the -sync option does not remove entries from the queue cache. The queue cache entries not corresponding to an actual queued message are silently discarded by channel master programs.

-view [channel]

Shows the current non-held entries in the MTA queue cache for a channel. channel is the name of the channel for which to show entries. This is a potentially expensive command if you have a large backlog of messages. Instead of running this command frequently, consider using the imsimta qm messages command. 

-walk [-debug=xxx]

Used to diagnose potential problems with the job controller. Each time this command is run, the internal state of the message queues and job scheduling information is written to the job_controller.log file. In addition, the job controller debug mask is set to the value given. You should not run this command unless you are instructed to do so by support.