Sun Java System Messaging Server 6 2005Q4 Administration Reference

imsimta crdb -dump

The imsimta crdb -dump command writes the entries in MTA databases to a flat ASCII file. In particular, this command may be used to write the contents of an old style database to a file from which a new style database may be built using the imsimta crdb command. The output begins with a comment line that displays a proper imsimta crdb command to use in order to return the ASCII output to a database.

Note –

Make sure you are logged in as mailsrv (the mail server user) before performing this command.


imsimta crdb -dump input-database-spec [output-file-spec]


The parameters for this command are:




Database from which to read entries. By default, the MTA looks for a current format database of the given name; if this does not exist, the MTA will look for an old format database of the given name. The special keywords IMTA_ALIAS_DATABASE, IMTA_REVERSE_DATABASE, and IMTA_GENERAL_DATABASE are supported; the use of such a special keyword tells the MTA to dump the database specified by the corresponding MTA tailor file option.


ASCII file to which the entries stored in the database are written. This file should be in a directory where you have write permissions. If an output file is not specified, the output is written to stdout.


The following command can be used to dump the contents of an alias database to a file, and then to recreate the alias database from that file

imsimta crdb -dump IMTA_ALIAS_DATABASE alias.txt
imsimta crdb alias.txt alias-tmp
imsimta renamedb alias-tmp IMTA_ALIAS_DATABASE