Sun Java System Messaging Server 6 2005Q4 Administration Reference

imsimta purge

The imsimta purge command deletes older versions of MTA log files. imsimta purge can determine the age of log files from the uniqueid strings terminating MTA log file names.


imsimta purge [file-pattern] -day=dvalue -hour=hvalue -num=nvalue


The options for this command are:




If specified, the file-pattern parameter is a file name pattern that establishes which MTA log files to purge. The default pattern, if none is specified, is log/imta/log.


Purges all but the last dvalue days worth of log files.


Purges all but the last hvalue hours worth of log files.


Purges all but the last nvalue log files. The default is 5.


To purge all but the last five versions of each type of log file in the log/imta directory:

imsimta purge