Sun Java System Messaging Server 6 2005Q4 Administration Reference


The summarize sub-command displays a summary listing of message files.

summarize [-database | -directory_tree] [-heading | -noheading]
  [-held | -noheld] [-trailing | -notrailing]

This is a potentially expensive command if you have a large backlog of messages. Instead of running this command frequently, consider using the imsimta qm messages command.

The options for this sub-command are:



-database | -directory_tree

Controls whether the information presented is obtained from the Job Controller (-database) or by looking at the actual directory tree containing the channel queues (-directory_tree). When neither -database nor -directory_tree is specified, then the “view” selected with the view sub-command will be used. If no view sub-command has been issued, then -directory_tree is assumed.

-heading | -noheading

Controls whether or not a heading line describing each column of output is displayed at the start of the summary listing. The -heading option is the default.

-held | -noheld

Controls whether or not to include counts of .HELD messages in the output. The -noheld option is the default.

-trailing | -notrailing

Controls whether or not a trailing line with totals is displayed at the end of the summary. The -trailing option is the default.