Sun Java System Messaging Server 6 2005Q4 Administration Reference

imsimta restart

The imsimta restart command stops and restarts the Job Controller and Service Dispatcher. This causes all MTA master and slave programs to be restarted. It can also restart SMTP, LMTP, and SMTP_SUBMIT.

Detached MTA processes should be restarted whenever the MTA configuration is altered—these processes load information from the configuration only once and need to be restarted in order for configuration changes to become visible to them. In addition to general MTA configuration files, such as the imta.cnf file, some components, such as the MTA Service Dispatcher, have their own specific configuration files, for example, dispatcher.cnf, and should be restarted after changes to any of these files.

Note –

You must be logged in as root to use this utility.


imsimta restart [job_controller |dispatcher|smtp|lmtp|smtp_submit]

Restarting the MTA Service Dispatcher effectively restarts all the service components it handles. If no component name is given, all active components are restarted.


To restart the MTA Job Controller and channel master programs:

imsimta restart job_controller