Sun Java System Messaging Server 6 2005Q4 MTA Developer's Reference

Debugging Programs and Logging Diagnostics

The SDK has diagnostic facilities that may help in tracking down unusual behavior. Enable SDK diagnostics in one of two ways: either when the SDK is initialized with mtaInit() or afterwards with mtaDebug(). The following table lists the diagnostics types that may be enabled through either routine:

Diagnostic Type  



Provide diagnostics whenever the SDK returns an error status 


Provide diagnostics from the MTA low-level dequeue library 


Provide diagnostics from the MTA low-level enqueue library 


Provide diagnostics from the MTA low-level, operating-system dependent library 

All diagnostic output is written to stdout. In the case of a channel program, this is typically the channel’s debug file. Message enqueue and dequeue activities performed through the MTA SDK (and Callable Send facility) will be logged when the channels involved are marked with the logging channel keyword.