Sun Java System Messaging Server 6 2005Q4 MTA Developer's Reference





On successful return, a pointer to an option context created by mtaOptionStart(). This option context represents the options read from the option file.


Optional file path to the option file to read. If not specified, then the path specified by the PMDF_CHANNEL_OPTION environment variable will be used. If a value of zero is supplied for len, and there is a non-NULL value for path, the value must be NULL terminated. The length of the file path, not including any NULL terminator, may not exceed ALFA_SIZE bytes.


Length in bytes, not including any NULL terminator, of the file path. This argument is ignored when a NULL is passed for path. When path is non-NULL and a value of zero is supplied for len, then the file path string must be NULL terminated.


Reserved for future use. A value of zero must be supplied for this call argument.