Sun Java System Messaging Server 6 2005Q4 MTA Developer's Reference





An option context created by mtaOptionStart(). A NULL value is permitted for this argument. When a NULL is passed, then no option value is returned.


Name of the option to obtain the value for. The length of this string should not exceed ALFA_SIZE bytes. This string must be NULL terminated if a value of zero is passed for len.


Length in bytes, not including any NULL terminator, of the option name supplied with name. If a value of zero is supplied, then the option name string must be NULL terminated. 


A pointer to a buffer to receive the NULL terminated value of the specified option. The MTA allows channel options to have a maximum length of BIGALFA_SIZE bytes. As a result, this buffer should in general have a length of at least BIGALFA_SIZE+1 bytes. If the option was not specified in the option file, then the contents of the buffer is left untouched.


An optional pointer to a size_t to receive the length in bytes of the returned option value string, str. A value of NULL may be passed for this call argument.


The maximum size in bytes of the buffer pointed at by str.