Sun Java System Messaging Server 6 2005Q4 MTA Developer's Reference

Return Values

In the event of an error, mtaChannelToHost() will return NULL, but will set mta_errno. The following table lists the error status codes for this routine.

Error Status Codes  



A NULL value was supplied for either of these two argument: 

  1. The host argument in the routine call.

  2. An argument to an item code.


Unable to initialize the MTA SDK. Unable to read one or more configuration files. Issue the following command for further information: 

imsimta test -rewrite


One of the following errors occurred: 

  1. Unable to determine the channel name from the runtime environment.

  2. Unable to initialize the MTA SDK. For further information, issue the following command:

    imsimta test -rewrite


The selected channel name does not appear in the MTA configuration file, imta.cnf.


An invalid item code was specified.