Sun Java System Messaging Server 6 2005Q4 MTA Developer's Reference





On a successful return, a pointer to an enqueue context created by mtaEnqueueStart(). This enqueue context represents the message enqueue operation initiated by the call.


Optional pointer to the address to use as the envelope From: address for the message being submitted. The address must be compliant with RFC 2822. When used as an envelope address, the MTA will reduce it to an RFC 2821 compliant transport address. The string must be NULL terminated if a value of zero is passed for env_from_len. The length of this string, not including any NULL terminator, may not exceed ALFA_SIZE bytes.

A value of NULL may be supplied for this argument. When that is done, the env_from_len argument is ignored and an empty envelope From: address is used for the message submission.


The length in bytes, not including any NULL terminator, of the envelope From: address supplied with env_from. If a value of zero is passed for this argument, then the envelope From: address string must be NULL terminated.


An optional list of item codes. See the description section that follows for a list of item codes. The list must be terminated with an integer argument with value 0.