Sun Java System Messenger Express 6 2005Q4 Customization Guide

Modifying the Folders Window

This section describes how to modify the Sun Java System Messenger Express Folders window shown in Modifying the Folders Window.

Figure 3–20 Sun Java System Messenger Express Folders Window

Messenger Express Folders window

You can modify the following in the Sun Java System Messenger Express Folders window:

To Modify the Folders Window

To modify the Folders window, edit the appropriate files as follows:

The functions assigned to the tools and links by getToolbar() and listFrameHTML() in fldr_fs.html are:

Example—Folders Window Modifications

The example shown in Example—Folders Window Modifications moves “Refresh” and “New Message” tools to the end of the toolbar.

Figure 3–21 Example Folders Window Modifications

The Update and Compose tools appear at right the end of the toolbar

Example—Folders Window Modifications shows the changes to be made in the file fldr_fs.html.

Example 3–23 Altering Folders Window Layout

function getToolbar() {
i18n["new folder"], ’parent.addFolder()’, ’imx/fldr_new.gif"
alt="’ + i18n[’folder new’], 24, 24, true,
i18n[’rename’], ’parent.renFolder()’, ’imx/fldr_edit.gif" alt="’ +
i18n[’folder rename’], 24, 24, true,
null, null, ’imx/spacer.gif’, 2, 24, false,
i18n[’update’] ? i18n[’update’] : i18n[’get mail’],
’main.refreshFolders()’, ’imx/Update_Folder.gif" alt="’ +
i18n[’folder update’], 24, 24, true,
i18n[’compose’], ’main.compose(”new”)’, ’imx/compose.gif’,
alt="’+ i18n[’msg compose’], 24, 24, true