Sun Java System Communications Express 6 2005Q4 Administration Guide

ProcedureTo Use Communications Express in the SSL mode

  1. Edit the following configuration parameters in uwc-deployed-path /WEB-INF/config/

    • uwcauth.ssl.enabled=true

      • uwcauth.https.port=SSL-port-number-of -the webserver-in which-uwc-is-deployed

        Communications Express can also be configured for SSL, for authentication only. Implying, authentication can be performed over SSL, but access of the application thereafter is over non-SSL mode.

  2. You need to set the local.webmail.sso.uwcport Messenger Express parameter value to the SSL port-number of the Web Server in which Communications Express is deployed.

    For example,

    local.webmail.sso.uwcport=SSL port-number of the webserver in which communications express is deployed