Sun Java System Communications Express 6 2005Q4 Administration Guide

ProcedurePost Configuration Instructions

  1. Assuming that the Communications Express package has already been installed, ensure that for a setup using Access Manager single sign-on, the Core and LDAP services are added. For more information, refer to the section on Tuning Directory Server in Chapter 8 of this guide.

  2. After you have configured Communications Express, perform the following steps

    1. To enable the Mail component in Communications Express, configure Single Sign-On. Refer to Chapter 1, Overview of Communications Express for information on configuring Messenger Express and Communications Express.

    2. Go to calendar-server-install-directory /SUNWics5/cal/bin/config (e.g. /opt/SUNWics5/cal/bin/config).

      Edit the ics.conf file and set the following:

      • service.http.allowadminproxy = "yes"

        • service.http.admins = proxy-admin-for-calendar-http-service

          • service.admin.calmaster.userid = the-value-specified-for-

          • service.admin.calmaster.cred = the-value-specified-for-

          • service.wcap.anonymous.allowpubliccalendarwrite = "yes"

          • service.http.allowanonymouslogin = "yes"

          • service.calendarsearch.ldap = "no"

            If you have edited the ics.conf file, restart Calendar Server for the changes to take effect.

  3. Restart Web Server or the Application Server, depending on which you have selected as the web container.

  4. Communications Express is now ready and you can access the application from:

    http://Web-Container-host: Web-Container-port/URI path


    Web-Container-host is the host name of the web container instance in which the Communications Express application is configured.

    Web-Container-port is port number of the web container instance in which the Communications Express is configured

    URI path is the path specified in the URI Path Setting panel.