Sun Java Communications Suite 2005Q4 Evaluation Guide

ProcedureTo Moderate Conference Rooms

Because Duncan created the moderated room, he is the moderator by default. He can add additional moderators by giving them Manage access.

  1. Close all chat windows for both Duncan and Kathy.

  2. As Duncan, double-click the moderated conference room.

  3. In Kathy's Instant Messenger window, double-click the moderated conference room.

    Notice that Kathy's chat window behaves differently than Duncan's window. Kathy has only read permission, but Duncan has read, write, and moderate permission.

  4. In Duncan's chat window, choose Moderate from the File menu.

    Both Kathy's and Duncan's windows change. Resize the corner to change the vertical size of Duncan's window to see all of the options.

  5. As user Kathy, type in a chat message and send it.

  6. As user Duncan (the moderator), accept the message.

    To accept the message, highlight it and click Accept.

    Upon accepting it, the message appears in the main chat portion of the window for all participants to see.

  7. Continue with the next task.