Using Sun StorageTek 53xx NAS with Messaging Server Message Store

Overview of this Technical Note

The Messaging Server message store contains the user mailboxes for a particular Messaging Server instance. The size of the message store increases as the number of mailboxes, folders, and log files increase.

As you add more users to your system, your disk storage requirements increase. Depending on the number of users your server supports, the message store might require one physical disk or multiple physical disks. Messaging Server enables you an add more stores as needed.

One approach to adding more stores is by using storage appliances such as Sun StorageTek 53xx NAS. Sun StorageTek devices simplify file sharing and management between disparate platforms. The Sun StorageTek 53xx NAS units are quick to deploy, simple to manage, and integrate seamlessly. In addition, the Sun StorageTek 5320 NAS scales to 224 Tbytes to meet growing data volumes without compromising performance.

The high-level steps to configure a Sun StorageTek 53xx NAS for Messaging Server are:

  1. Planning disk capacity

  2. Creating volumes

  3. Configuring Messaging Server to access the Sun StorageTek 53xx NAS