Using Sun StorageTek 53xx NAS with Messaging Server Message Store

Configuring Messaging Server to Work with the Sun StorageTek 53xx NAS

After creating the volume, you need to configure Messaging Server so that it can function with the Sun StorageTek 53xx NAS.

ProcedureTo Configure Messaging Server to Work with the Sun StorageTek 53xx NAS

  1. Configure the temporary database directory on the Messaging Server host by setting the store.dbtmpdir parameter to a directory under /tmp.

    For example:

    configutil -o store.dbtmpdir -v /tmp/mboxlist
  2. Move the data/lock directory to a local file system, for example, /tmp.

  3. Create a symlink to the lock directory.

    For example:

    mv /var/opt/SUNWmsgsr/lock /tmp/lock
    ln -s /tmp/lock /var/opt/SUNWmsgsr/lock

    Note –

    If you do this, modify the startup script to recreate the /tmp/lock directory (with proper permissions) upon bootup. Otherwise, it won't exist and your sever will fail to start.

Improving Sun StorageTek 53xx NAS Performance

In general, you can improve Sun StorageTek 53xx performance by creating more Logical Unit Numbers (LUNs). In addition, build volumes on each LUN so that the metadata and user data are separated. For example, during initial Messaging Server configuration, you could locate metadata on LUN0 and the other user data on LUN1.