Oracle GlassFish Server 3.0.1 Add-On Component Development Guide

Adding a Task to the Common Tasks Page

You can add either a single task or a group of tasks to the Common Tasks page of the Administration Console. To add a task or task group, use an integration point of type org.glassfish.admingui:commonTask.

See Adding a Task Group to the Common Tasks Page for information on adding a task group.

Example 3–7 Example Task Integration Point

In the example console-config.xml file, the following integration-point element adds a task to the Deployment task group:


This example specifies the following values:

Creating a JavaServer Faces Page for Your Task

A JavaServer Faces page for a task uses the tag sun:commonTask. This tag provides all the capabilities of the Project Woodstock tag webuijsf:commonTask.

Example 3–8 Example JavaServer Faces Page for a Task

In the example, the sampleCommonTask.jsf file has the following content:

        text="Sample Application Page"
        toolTip="Sample Application Page"
        onClick="return admingui.woodstock.commonTaskHandler('treeForm:tree:applications:ejb', 

Note –

In the actual file, there is no line break in the onClick attribute value.

This file uses the sun:commonTask tag to specify the task. In your own JavaServer Faces pages, specify the attributes of this tag as follows:


The task name that appears on the Common Tasks page.


The text that appears when a user places the mouse cursor over the task name.


Scripting code that is to be executed when a user clicks the task name.