Oracle GlassFish Server 3.0.1 Add-On Component Development Guide

Integration Point Attributes

For each integration-point element, specify the following attributes. Each attribute takes a string value.


An identifier for the integration point. The remaining sections of this appendix do not provide details about specifying this attribute.


The ID of the integration point's parent.


The type of the integration point.


A numeric value that specifies the relative ordering of integration points with the same parentId. A lower number specifies a higher priority (for example, 100 represents a higher priority than 400). You may need to experiment in order to place the integration point where you want it. This attribute is optional.


A relative path to the JavaServer Faces page that contains the content to be integrated. Typically, the file contains a JavaServer Faces code fragment that is incorporated into a page. The code fragment often specifies a link to another JavaServer Faces page that appears when a user clicks the link.