Oracle GlassFish Server 3.0.1 Application Deployment Guide

ProcedureTo List Deployed Applications or Modules

There are a number of commands that can be used to list deployed applications or modules and their subcomponents. Use the commands in this section in remote mode.

  1. Ensure that the server is running.

    Remote commands require a running server.

  2. List the desired components by using the list-applications(1) subcommand, the list-components(1) subcommand , or the list-sub-components(1)command.

    Information about these commands is included in these help pages.

  3. Show the status of a deployed component by using the show-component-status(1).

Example 2–3 Listing Applications

The list-applications subcommand lists all deployed Java EE applications or modules. If the --type option is not specified, all components are listed. This example lists deployed applications.

asadmin> list-applications --type web
hellojsp <web>
Command list-applications executed successfully

Example 2–4 Listing Components

The list-components subcommand lists the deployed Java EE components. If the --type option is not specified, all components are listed. This example lists the components of the deployed cciblackbox-tx.rar.

asadmin> list-components --type connector
cciblackbox-tx <connector>
Command list-components executed successfully

Example 2–5 Listing Subcomponents

The list-sub-components subcommand lists EJBs or servlets in a deployed module or in a module of the deployed application. If a module is not identified, all modules are listed. The --appname option functions only when the given module is standalone. To display a specific module in an application, you must specify the module name and the --appname option. This example gets the subcomponents of application MEjbApp within module mejb.jar.

asadmin> list-sub-components --appname MEjbApp mejb.jar
MEJBBean <StatelessSessionBean>
Command list-sub-components executed successfully

Example 2–6 Showing Status of a Deployed Component

The show-component-status subcommand gets the status (enabled or disabled) of the deployed component. This example gets the status of the MEjbApp component.

asadmin show-component-status MEjbApp
Status of MEjbApp is enabled
Command show-component-status executed successfully