Oracle GlassFish Server 3.0.1 Administration Guide

ProcedureTo Enable LDAP Authentication on the GlassFish Server DAS

This procedure explains how to enable LDAP authentication for logins to the GlassFish Server Domain Administration Server (DAS). Logging in to the DAS is typically only performed by GlassFish Server administrators who want to use the GlassFish Server Administration Console or asadmin command. See To Configure LDAP Authentication with OID and OVD for instructions on enabling general LDAP authentication for GlassFish Server.

Before You Begin

Ensure that you have followed the configuration instructions in To Configure LDAP Authentication with OID and OVD

  1. Use the asadmin configure-ldap-for-admin subcommand to enable user authentication to the GlassFish Server DAS.

    Use the following syntax:

    asadmin configure-ldap-for-admin --basedn "dn-list" --url [ldap|ldaps]://ldap-url --ldap-group group-name

    basedn parameters


    URL and port number for the LDAP server; can use standard (ldap) or secure (ldaps) protocol


    LDAP group name for allowed users, as defined on the LDAP server.

    For example:

    asadmin configure-ldap-for-admin --basedn "dc=red,dc=iplanet,dc=com" \
    --url ldap://interopoel54-1:3060 --ldap-group sqestaticgroup

    asadmin configure-ldap-for-admin --basedn "dc=red,dc=iplanet,dc=com" \
    --url ldaps://interopoel54-1:7501 --ldap-group sqestaticgroup
See Also

See configure-ldap-for-admin(1) for more information about the configure-ldap-for-admin subcommand.