Oracle GlassFish Server 3.0.1 Administration Guide

ProcedureTo Create a JMS Host

A default JMS host, default_JMS_host, is provided by GlassFish Server. The default JMS host is used by GlassFish Server to perform all Message Queue broker administrative operations, such as creating and deleting JMS destinations.

Creating a new JMS host is not often necessary and is a task for advanced users. Use the create-jms-host subcommand in remote mode to create an additional JMS host.

Because a JMS is actually a Message Queue object rather than a server object, you use Message Queue broker commands to update properties. For information on Message Queue properties, see Oracle GlassFish Message Queue 4.4.2 Administration Guide.

  1. Ensure that the server is running.

    Remote subcommands require a running server.

  2. Create the JMS host by using the create-jms-host(1) subcommand.

    Information about the properties for this the subcommand is included in this help page.

Example 19–10 Creating a JMS Host

This example creates a JMS host named MyNewHost.

asadmin> create-jms-host --mqhost pigeon --mqport 7677 MyNewHost
Command create-jms-host executed successfully.

See Also

You can also view the full syntax and options of the subcommand by typing asadmin help create-jms-host at the command line.