Oracle GlassFish Server 3.0.1 Application Development Guide

Specifying a Splash Screen

Java SE 6 offers splash screen support, either through a Java command-line option or a manifest entry in the application's JAR file. To take advantage of this Java SE feature in your application client, you can do one of the following:

During application (EAR file) deployment, the GlassFish Server generates façade JAR files, one for the application and one for each application client in the application. During application client module deployment, the GlassFish Server generates a single facade JAR for the application client. The appclient script supports splash screens inside the application client JAR only if you launch an application client facade or appclient client JAR. If you launch the facade for an application or the undeployed application itself, the appclient script cannot take advantage of the Java SE 6 splash screen feature.