Oracle GlassFish Server 3.0.1 Application Development Guide

Custom Connection Validation

You can specify a custom implementation for Connection Validation that is faster or optimized for a specific database. Set the Validation Method attribute to the value custom-validation. (Other validation methods available are table (the default), auto-commit, and meta-data.) The GlassFish Server provides a public interface, org.glassfish.api.jdbc.ConnectionValidation, which you can implement to plug in your implementation. A new attribute, Validation Classname, specifies the fully qualified name of the class that implements the ConnectionValidation interface. The Validation Classname attribute is required if Connection Validation is enabled and Validation Method is set to Custom Validation.

To enable this feature, set Connection Validation, Validation Method, and Validation Classname for the JDBC connection pool in one of the following ways:

By default, optimized validation mechanisms are provided for Java DB, MySQL, Oracle, and PostgreSQL databases. Additionally, for JDBC 4.0 compliant database drivers, a validation mechanism is provided that uses the Connection.isValid(0) implementation.