Oracle GlassFish Server 3.0.1 Application Development Guide

The JMS Provider

The GlassFish Server support for JMS messaging, in general, and for message-driven beans, in particular, requires messaging middleware that implements the JMS specification: a JMS provider. The GlassFish Server uses the GlassFish Message Queue software as its native JMS provider. The Message Queue software is tightly integrated into theGlassFish Server, providing transparent JMS messaging support. This support is known within GlassFish Server as the JMS Service. The JMS Service requires only minimal administration.

The relationship of the Message Queue software to the GlassFish Server can be one of these types: EMBEDDED, LOCAL, or REMOTE. The effects of these choices on the Message Queue broker life cycle are as follows:

For more information about setting the type and the default JMS host, see Configuring the JMS Service.

For more information about the Message Queue software, refer to the documentation at

For general information about the JMS API, see the JMS web page at