Oracle GlassFish Server 3.0.1 Application Development Guide

Message Queue varhome Directory

The Message Queue software uses a default directory for storing data such as persistent messages and its log file. This directory is called varhome. The GlassFish Server uses domain-dir/imq as the varhome directory if the type of relationship between the GlassFish Server and the Message Queue software is LOCAL or EMBEDDED. If the relationship type is REMOTE, the Message Queue software determines the varhome location. For more information about the types of relationships between the GlassFish Server and Message Queue, see The JMS Provider.

When executing Message Queue scripts such as as-install/imq/bin/imqusermgr, use the -varhome option to point the scripts to the Message Queue data if the relationship type is LOCAL or EMBEDDED. For example:

imqusermgr -varhome $AS_INSTALL/domains/domain1/imq add -u testuser

For more information about the Message Queue software, refer to the documentation at