Oracle GlassFish Server 3.0.1 Application Development Guide

The flush Tag

Forces the cache to be flushed. If a key is specified, only the entry with that key is flushed. If no key is specified, the entire cache is flushed.

Attributes of flush

The following table describes attributes for the flush tag.

Table 8–2 The flush Attributes






(optional) The name used by the container to access the cached entry. The cache key is suffixed to the servlet path to generate a key to access the cached entry. If no key is specified, a number is generated according to the position of the tag in the page. 



(optional) The scope of the cache. Can be request, session, or application. See Caching Scope.

Examples of flush

To flush the entry with key="foobar":

<mypfx:flush key="foobar"/>

To flush the entire cache:

<c:if test="${empty sessionScope.clearCache}">
   <mypfx:flush />