Oracle GlassFish Server 3.0.1 Application Development Guide

Connection Factory and Destination

A message-driven bean is a client to a Connector inbound resource adapter. The message-driven bean container uses the JMS service integrated into the GlassFish Server for message-driven beans that are JMS clients. JMS clients use JMS Connection Factory- and Destination-administered objects. A JMS Connection Factory administered object is a resource manager Connection Factory object that is used to create connections to the JMS provider.

The mdb-connection-factory element in the sun-ejb-jar.xml file for a message-driven bean specifies the connection factory that creates the container connection to the JMS provider.

The jndi-name element of the ejb element in the sun-ejb-jar.xml file specifies the JNDI name of the administered object for the JMS Queue or Topic destination that is associated with the message-driven bean.