Oracle GlassFish Server 3.0.1 Application Development Guide

The Default JMS Host

A JMS host refers to a Message Queue broker. A default JMS host for the JMS service is provided, named default_JMS_host. This is the JMS host that the GlassFish Server uses for performing all Message Queue broker administrative operations, such as creating and deleting JMS destinations.

If you have created a multi-broker cluster in the Message Queue software, delete the default JMS host, then add the Message Queue cluster’s brokers as JMS hosts. In this case, the default JMS host becomes the first JMS host in the AddressList. For more information about the AddressList, see JMS Connection Features. You can also explicitly set the default JMS host; see Configuring the JMS Service.

When the GlassFish Server uses a Message Queue cluster, it executes Message Queue specific commands on the default JMS host. For example, when a physical destination is created for a Message Queue cluster of three brokers, the command to create the physical destination is executed on the default JMS host, but the physical destination is used by all three brokers in the cluster.