Oracle GlassFish Server 3.0.1 Application Development Guide

ProcedureTo Receive SOAP Messages Using the JMS API

  1. Import the MessageTransformer library.

    import com.sun.messaging.xml.MessageTransformer;

    This is the utility whose methods you use to convert SOAP messages to JMS messages and the reverse. The JMS message containing the SOAP payload is received as if it were a normal JMS message.

  2. Initialize the TopicConnectionFactory, TopicConnection, TopicSession, TopicSubscriber, and Topic.

    messageFactory = MessageFactory.newInstance();
    tcf = new com.sun.messaging.TopicConnectionFactory();
    tc = tcf.createTopicConnection();
    session = tc.createTopicSession(false, Session.AUTO_ACKNOWLEDGE);
    topic = session.createTopic(topicName);
    subscriber = session.createSubscriber(topic);
  3. Use the OnMessage method to receive the message. Use the SOAPMessageFromJMSMessage method to convert the JMS message to a SOAP message.

    public void onMessage (Message message) {
    SOAPMessage soapMessage =
     MessageTransformer.SOAPMessageFromJMSMessage( message,
     messageFactory ); }
  4. Retrieve the content of the SOAP message.